About SSNT

The Southern School of Natural Therapies understands that it is one thing to take responsibility for your own wellbeing, yet it is quite another to accept the challenge of helping others achieve better health and wellbeing.

The Southern School’s mission is to contribute to the optimal health and wellbeing of the community through the design and delivery of professional-level courses of the highest standard in complementary and alternative medicine.

With 50 years in academic excellence, the school aims to produce highly trained primary-contact health care practitioners that have a sophisticated understanding of clinical research methodology, using both scientific methods and new research models.

The school is particularly concerned with training practitioners who are dedicated to helping people take responsibility for their own health, and to promote a balanced lifestyle in their health guidance. Within this holistic approach to health and the environment, disease prevention and health promotion are emphasised.

The Southern School of Natural Therapies was pioneered by Alfred Jacka in 1961 as the Victorian Branch of the Australian National Association of Naturopaths, Osteopaths and Chiropractors. The school gained its current name in 1981 and the association is now the Australian Natural Therapists Association (ANTA).

Teaching staff includes many of the country’s leading lecturers and practitioners, who with their expertise and experience deliver the highest standard of academic and practical education in a nurturing environment. Some of the most important developments in complementary medicine in the last fifty years have been instigated by the school and have contributed to the growth and acceptance of complementary medicine in the wider community.

The school maintains close links with industry and aims to continue providing the best quality education to the next generation of leading practitioners in complementary medicine.