Living in Australia

Living in Australia is affordable. We recommend that you set aside AUD$350-$400 per week for living expenses.

Your living costs in Australia will vary depending on where you're living and your lifestyle. If you cook your own food at home its far cheaper than eating takeaway or eating out in restaurants. There are many ways to make the most of your budget and save money.

Here is an estimate of costs for some everyday expenses

Cost of Living

Train/Tram/Bus Ticket Up to $12 a day (depending on how far you live from campus)
Movie Ticket $15 (Student Price - It can be cheaper on Tuesday nights)
Cup of Coffee $3
Pre-paid Overseas phone card $10-$20 per week
Take away food $10 - $20

For more information on living cost requirements by the Australian Government, please refer to:

Accommodation Options

There are many options for student accommodation in Australia which range from living with a family in homestay accommodation to student residences, shared apartments, or living in your own apartment.

Australian Homestay Network (AHN)

Think: is proud to associate with AHN for the provision services for its students at all campus locations. AHN is Australia's leading homestay organisation and has set new standards in delivering successful homestay accommodation for international students in Australia.

International Students arriving in Australia for the first time are recommended to stay with an AHN trained host prior to seeking longer term accommodation. AHN offers the perfect short term and temporary accommodation choice and their program helps students with getting safely settled for their time in Australia.

Homestay is a cultural exchange between a local individual or family (called a Host) and a visiting international student. The student lives as a guest in the home. In traditional homestay, students can expect to be provided with their own room, food and space to study. The homestay hosts will assist students to become familiar with the local area and customs in a relaxed and friendly household setting. Students are encouraged to share information about their home country and culture with their AHN homestay host. After the first 4 week minimum stay period there are also numerous continuing AHN Homestay options to suit the various students' needs.

For bookings contact the Australian Homestay Network on

Apartment Living

Many students share apartments or live on their own. It is recommended that students arrive in Australia early in order to visit apartments and meet potential flatmates before making a commitment. You may like to book into a hostel for your first few days or a 4 week homestay and then look for share accommodation with others.

Accommodation Websites

Whether you want to share an apartment or book into a hostel for the first few days, the following websites may help to find a nice place and give you an idea of prices:

School-aged Dependents

If you have a school-aged dependent you will be required to pay full fees if enrolled in either a government or non-government school.

International students under 18 years’ old studying in Australia must live with a homestay, parent or relative.

For students living in homestay, Think: is proud to associate with AHN for the provision of homestay services for its students at all campus locations. We work with an organisation named ISA for guardian and welfare services for students in homestay. To find out more about AHN and ISA’s services please visit the websites at and