Acupuncture Treament in Melbourne

Chinese Medicine is an ancient, holistic form of medicine that connects the mind, body, spirit. Chinese medicine believes that the body is made up of Qi – energy which permeates the whole body and flows through our meridians. Chinese medicine aims to stimulate the meridians, producing effects on different organs and systems within the body to restore balance and harmony.

What does a Chinese medicine practitioner treat?

Common conditions a Chinese medicine practitioner can assist with include: digestive issues, stress, fatigue, fertility, allergies, skin conditions, and many more.

A Chinese Medicine treatment may incorporate:

  • Chinese herbal medicine
  • acupuncture
  • moxibustion
  • cupping
  • dietary therapy

As disease prevention and health maintenance are primary within this field, talk to our Chinese Medicine practitioners about your unique health challenges and goals.


Think Wellbeing Centre also offers appointments for standalone acupuncture. Acupuncture is one of the most important therapies in Chinese medicine and involves selecting and needling specific points along meridians in order to move Qi. Acupuncture removes blockages when the right point has been stimulated – Qi that was blocked begins to flow again, where Qi has been building up it will be released, and where the body was once starved of Qi will receive it.

Try another modality:

Clinical Myotherapy

Relaxation or Remedial Massage