We acknowledge the value of providing opportunities for students to build upon their prior learning, whether this learning was acquired through structured courses or gained through life experience or work experience.

  1. Qualification Upgrades and Pathways to a Degree at SSNT

If you have already completed a qualification you may be able to credit this against your degree with us, even if it’s from another institution.  We will carefully review the learning gained from this qualification to ensure we provide you with credit towards our degrees whenever appropriate.  Learning gained through a qualification is referred to as ‘formal learning’ in our Credit Policy.

We offer guaranteed credit for the following qualifications:

National Code If you already have this Qualification… Institution this qualification was awarded….. You may upgrade to this course Subjects


Credit points Course Credit Agreement



Diploma of Remedial Massage Any Bachelor Health Science  (Clinical Myotherapy) 12 of 36 120 of 360 Download pdf
HLT54115 Diploma of Nursing   (generic) Any Bachelor of Health Science (Chinese Medicine) 6 of 48 60 of 480  

Download pdf

HLT52215 Diploma of Shiatsu and Oriental Therapies Australian Shiatsu College Bachelor of Health Science (Chinese Medicine) 12 of 48 120 of 480  

Download pdf

22316VIC Advanced Diploma of Myotherapy Any Bachelor Health Science  (Clinical Myotherapy) 24 of 36 240 of 360 Download pdf

Evidence to support an application for credit based on formal learning includes:

  • AQF qualification testamur issued by an accredited institution
  • formal academic transcript issued by an accredited institution
  • statement of attainment issued by an accredited institution
  • overseas qualification issued by an institution listed in the AEI NOOSR Country Education Profiles
  • syllabus copy detailing the learning outcomes and assessments of the subject(s) undertaken
  1. Recognition of prior learning

Learning as the result of work or life experience, self-tuition, hobby or leisure activities (i.e. informal learning) may be credited against your degree with us.  Likewise for a structured course of learning that does not lead to an officially accredited qualification (i.e. non-formal learning).  For further information about these types of learning, refer to our Credit Policy.

Each application is assessed individually and your experience matched to the learning outcomes of the subjects covered in your course. All claimed work experience must be relevant to the qualification being applied for.

Evidence to support an application for credit based on informal and/or non-formal learning includes:

  • letters from employers / references (on business letterhead)
  • curriculum vitae, and corroborating evidence
  • work documents/job statement and evidence of process
  • portfolios containing samples of work
  • interviews
  • presentations or practical demonstrations
  • challenge exam
  • performance review evidence
  • non-award professional development courses, and other non-AQF awards and certificates
  • recognition of merit, or industry awards

Please note: standard entry requirements still apply.  Entry requirements for Billy Blue courses can be accessed from our website.

For more information on qualification upgrades, pathways, recognition of prior learning, and how to apply for course credit contact us or read our Credit Policy.

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