• Study when and where you like within a 12-week trimester
  • Options to study online, on campus, or via blended learning
  • Nationally recognised, industry driven courses
  • Responsive, one-on-one tutorial support
  • High-quality curriculum and learning materials designed for learning anywhere anytime
  • Access one of the largest online libraries in Australia with over 70 million articles available
  • FEE-HELP available on eligible courses, meaning no up-front tuition costs
Access to our SSNT Melbourne campus, or our sister college ACNT campuses in Sydney and Brisbane

At SSNT, we give you the flexibility to:
Study Online | Study on Campus | Study in the Clinic | Study in a Flipped Classroom Setting

Your study, your way: degrees at SSNT

At SSNT we recognise the competing demands every student faces, and offer a range of flexible options, including online subjects, part time pathways – allowing you access to study when it best suits you.


Some subjects are available fully online, with no requirement to attend on-campus, giving you the ultimate in flexibility (but requiring a fair dose of self-discipline!). Other subjects must be taken on-campus, in one of our specialist facilities such as an acupuncture training room, or at the teaching clinic. Other subjects are offered in both modes, and you can choose which one suits you. We call this a blended approach – blending self-directed study with directed quizzes and activities (online) and face-to-face teaching in one of our purpose-built teaching spaces.


All of our degree courses aim to graduate Australia’s best prepared practitioners, and so as the course progresses you will find more time is required on-campus to hone your clinical skills and techniques. However in the earlier years of your program you can take advantage of a broad range of online options.


Many of our students progress through the course in a part-time mode – just two subjects per trimester – leaving plenty of time for some paid work or to fulfil family or other commitments.


Studying online

As an online student you will be part of an active online class, with discussions, forums and activities. You will receive comprehensive learning materials (in electronic form) clearly laid out in a week by week format to make sure you cover each topic in turn. You will have access to dedicated online teachers to answers any questions you may have regarding your subjects and you’ll see them and hear them in interactive presentations online.


In addition, SSNT has a beautiful campus with friendly teams of staff to help. Whether you’re studying online or on-campus, take advantage of the Library, Clinic, Student Services and Counselling teams and make the most of great student spaces (including the rooftop).


Studying on campus

SSNT has a range of purpose built teaching spaces on campus. Rather than sitting in rows and listening to an expert up the front for an hour or more, you’ll come to class already having read through or listened to the material, and then find a much more interactive environment in which to consolidate and apply the things you’ve learned.


Whether it’s a workshop or a practical class, face-to-face learning at SSNT takes place in an active environment where theory and practice meet. Students participate together in a variety of problem-based activities, often using real cases taken from the modalities we teach.


Flipped Classrooms

Most of the subjects are designed around the principles of the “flipped classroom” – learn through doing, not just through listening. The flipped classroom model provides you with the opportunity to study and absorb lecture material at your own pace before class.


This might involve reading articles or texts, watching videos or listening to podcasts. When you come to class, you’ll learn the ways in which that content is relevant by applying it. The flipped classroom model has been shown to reinforce learning at a deeper level and allows you to master weekly content and concepts, moving forward to the next topic with confidence.


Studying in the clinic

Students enrol at SSNT because they want to become expert practitioners and Think Wellbeing Centre at Fitzroy campus provides the perfect teaching environment to hone your craft. Throughout your studies there you’ll undergo a transformation from student to graduate practitioner, all under the expert supervision of some of Australia’s best clinicians.


Think Wellbeing Centre at Fitzroy campus is a real-life, multi-modality clinic serving the needs of the surrounding communities. Working with a professional clinic team, you’ll treat real patients, gaining experience in all aspects of working in, and running your own clinical practice in a safe and supervised environment.


You will also gain valuable practical experience at external clinics and practices through observation and participation, all of which will combine to ensure you’re not only industry-ready but also best prepared when you graduate.